EBL at Resolution Limit

Con-Science offers a broad range of nanofabrication services. Most of our products are developed specifically for our clients. Here in our web-shop we have collected examples of some of our more standard products.

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Processing of sub-10 nm features is achieved by high resolution electron beam lithography and well controlled pattern transfer techniques. The use of state-of-the-art electron-beam lithography systems combined with our excellent process control allows for fabricating structures with features in the sub-10 nm regime.

Moreover, we are experienced in transferring such high-resolution patterns into thin films or substrates by lift-off techniques or dry etching. For example, we have produced quasi-closed gold films comprising large areas of periodically arranged squares separated by gaps of 6 nm.

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ConScience AB offers and sells custom nanofabrication services by request. ConScience AB makes no claim to copyrighted materials or methods externally provided and sells only services requested – which are tailored toward customer demands. ConScience AB performs custom nanofabrication within a wide spectrum of fields and therefore, cannot reasonably assess FTO upon every request. As such, ConScience AB operates in good faith with customers under the assumption that customers have rights to use all designs provided and requested. Upon entering into a contract with ConScience AB, the customer agrees to assume liability for the designs and methods provided.